Invenco and CODAB partner to bring better forecourt and payment systems

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[Auckland, NZ – March 3, 2020] Invenco, a global provider of revolutionary self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions, today announces their partnership with CODAB, a leading innovator in forecourt control and platform development. For the past two years, the two companies have worked together on developing and integrating a series of forecourt control plugins for Invenco’s iNFX architecture platform. Invenco iNFX is designed to run on Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) and other devices, with each payment terminal talking directly to the pump, payment host and back office system to complete fueling transactions. The platform uses no additional hardware for forecourt control and no single Electronic Payment Server meaning there is no single point of failure.

Invenco and CODAB Partner to Bring Better Forecourt and Payment Systems to Retail Petroleum_

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