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Fleet fueling stations

Contact us for solutions developed for internal, non-public fueling stations. We have solutions that fit also heavy vehicles and that make it easy to provide the right people with access to the appropriate fuel.

All our products are built for reliable operations, also during cold Nordic winters.

Dispensers, terminals and station management software

Assign refueling privileges with ease

Using a terminal, you can assign refueling privileges to individual drivers or staff members. Use cards, RFID tags or the mobile app for identification and authorization, with or without the use of a PIN code.

To track and analyze the fuel economy of individual vehicles, add automatic logging using a tag assigned to each vehicle. The person filling it up just blips the tag at the terminal and the amount of fuel dispensed into the tank is registered to the vehicle.

Keep track and follow up on fuel consumption

The terminal comes with TapNet, a system where you can add users and connect cards or tags to individuals or vehicles. This is also where you can access reports on fuel consumption, overall or per vehicle. Avoid fuel shortage by adding automatic alarms or notifications that are triggered when the fuel level goes below a specified threshold.

Diesel dispensers for long, cold winters

Many vehicles still run on diesel and will do so for a long time to come. Logos diesel dispensers are robust, and all components are selected for best possible performance also during long, cold Scandinavian winters.


Newer diesel vehicles also need AdBlue. To make AdBlue refills as convenient as possible for your customers, add an AdBlue unit to your station. The smaller units fits more narrow stations while the larger ones are suitable where you need a higher capacity. They can be controlled from the same terminal as the fuel dispenser. 

The AdBlue station is designed for reliable operation even during wintertime in the northern parts of Scandinavia.

ATG System

Check the fuel levels in your tanks online or set alarms and notifications to remind you to schedule fuel deliveries.

Our functional ATG system reads the fuel levels in your tanks. It is is integrated with TapNet give you one single access point for all of your fueling station data. 

Station to go

A complete turnkey fueling station that can be placed in any suitable location. It requires no or minimal ground works. You can choose the dispensers and terminals that best fit your needs. The standard tank is double-walled and can be divided into separate compartments to hold more than one fuel type.

Product sheets
terminals and administration

Product sheets
diesel dispensers

”Co-operating with Logos to bring in new products and solutions is a fantastic experience.”

Fredrik Landegren, CEO of TRB Sverige AB


Ready for your own fleet fueling station?

Contact us to discuss the possibilities with a fleet fueling station, or if you want more information about terminals or diesel dispensers.

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It should be easy to follow company policy when refueling company vehicles. Our terminals are easy to use and the authentication methods for refueling or charging can be configured based on your preferences.

Station Management

TapNet is a powerful, user-friendly station management system where you can administer, monitor and analyze events and trends at individual sites or your entire station network.