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Payment terminals

With a terminal from Logos you can offer customers both traditional and modern payment methods for refueling and charging at your stations. Customers can choose the payment for they want- Prices and discounts are managed online.

Flexible payment methods for refueling and charging

One payment terminal for both refueling and charging

PT Premium is a payment terminal that provides access to a variety of payment methods and that can be used independently of dispenser brands.

You can even connect dispensers and charging stations of different brands to the same terminal. Should you want to, you could combine an old mechanical pump, a charging station and a brand new dispenser with the same terminal.

Let customers decide on how to pay

Regardless of which dispenser or charging station you connect to PT Premium, customers can pay using whatever method they prefer.

Pay for diesel using Apple Pay or charge an EV and pay with a regular credit card. Let your customer decide how they want to pay you.

Compatible dispensers and charging stations

PT Premium can be used with dispensers and charging stations using the following protocols:

  • Wayne: Wayne current loop, DART, IFSF
  • Gilbarco: Autotank, IFSF, Gilbarco protocol
  • Tatsuno: DART, Tatsuno protocol
  • Tokheim: DART, Wayne current loop, IFSF
  • Petrotec: DART, IFSF
  • CNG dispensers: Tatsuno, Compaq, DART
  • Mechanical dispensers
  • Charging stations: OCPP protocol

Contact us if you have questions about compatibility with specific dispenser models or charging stations.

Payment methods

PT Premium can be used for payment with:

  • Credit and debit cards (magnetic strip, chip or contactless)
  • Customer loyalty cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung pay
  • Google Pay
  • Mobile app ”TapNet Tanka”
  • Swish

Price signs and ATG systems

PT Premium can control the price sign so that the signage is updated when prices are set for the terminal. It can also be integrated with ATG systems for tank gauging.

The technology in short

PT Premium is the payment terminal and physical hardware installed at the station. It has communication protocols that enable interaction with dispensers and charging stations.

PT Premium connects to TapNet, which is a cloud-based software. TapNet communicates with banks, VISA and Mastercard, and with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Swish and more.


When you want to change sales prices or follow-up sales at different stations you can log into TapNet from a computer, mobile or tablet.

The web-based interface and the mobile app allow you to update pricing throughout your station network, change what is displayed on price signs and view sales reports.


PT Premium is built in modules to makes it easy to update the hardware if it becomes necessary in the future. The terminal software is updated remotely.

TapNet which manages communication with the latest payment formats is designed for easy addition of new payment methods as they become available.

Technical information

Download more information about PT Premium:

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”Co-operating with Logos to bring in new products and solutions is a fantastic experience.”

Fredrik Landegren, CEO of TRB Sverige AB


Do you want a modern, still easy-to-use payment solution?

Let customers decide how they way to pay. PT Premium is compatible with most dispensers and charging stations. Contact us for more information!

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