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Station management software for public refueling stations

TapNet is a powerful, user-friendly system for administration, surveillance and analysis of events in your station network.

Station management for public refueling stations

TapNet is a cloud-based management system for the forecourt part of your station or station network. Manage both technical and commercial aspects of the operations in the same user-friendly system. TapNet is web-based and comes with a mobile app so that you can access it regardless of your current location.


  • Manage customers and users
  • Set prices, discounts and credit limits for refueling and charging
  • Invoicing or export of data for invoicing
  • Sales reports, wet stock inventory, reconciliation etc.
  • Monitoring of all connected forecourt equipment
  • Alarms and notifications by e-mail or text message
  • Commercial partnerships with other station networks

TapNet as an app

Using the TapNet app you can access all essential TapNet functionality from your mobile. This is especially convenient for service technicians on site for quick and easy reboot of dispensers or terminals – or for anyone wanting the ability to update pricing or monitor uptime while on the move.

Prices, transactions and payment methods

Using TapNet you can manage pricing for fuel and charging. Your customers can use everything from regular credit cards to customer loyalty cards or the TapNet app to pay.

Discounts or credit limits can be set for each customer group. Invoice either directly from within TapNet or integrate with your ERP system.

TapNet supports all payment formats your terminal offers: credit cards, customer loyalty cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Swish, plus payment using the mobile app TapNet Tanka.

TapNet tanka

TapNet Tanka is a smartphone app that simplifies life for both you and your customers. Users can easily find your nearest station in the app and pay for refueling without have to keep track of a customer card.

Customers will have to spend less time paying at the pump and you no longer have to create and distribute physical customer cards.

  • Smooth payment by mobile
  • No customer cards to keep track of
  • No paper receipts needed for accounting purposes
  • Built-in map and navigation to your nearest station
  • Works for both refueling and EV charging
  • Company specific branding of the graphical interface

Expand outside your own network

TapNet makes partnerships with other station owner much easier. Your customers can use the same card to pay for refueling or charging at any station within the connected partner networks.

You may offer your customers better geographical reach without having to set up more of your own stations. Partnerships can be created both with networks that are also using TapNet and networks that manage things differently.

Fuel reconciliation and purchasing

In TapNet you have full support for fuel reconciliation by comparing sales and wet stock inventory. Current information about stock levels at each station is always available online to make it easier to schedule upcoming wetstock deliveries. All reports can be exported in Excel format.

Monitor uptime

Monitor your forecourt equipment to make sure your stations offer uninterrupted service. Log into TapNet at any time to see the status of dispensers, terminals and other connected forecourt equipment. Configure alarms for different events or thresholds and have them sent as emails or text messages.

For full control of all your refueling related equipment, add our forecourt controller FuelNet Manager.

Analyze and optimize

TapNet Analytics is an add-on module that provides visualized data for quick and intuitive analysis of sales, technical issues. Visualized data helps you make better decisions about deliveries, investments, geographical locations, marketing and opening hours.

TapNet collects all the information that is available from your station network and visualize it, which makes it much easier to identify patterns and interesting correlations.

”Co-operating with Logos to bring in new products and solutions is a fantastic experience.”

Fredrik Landegren, CEO of TRB Sverige AB


Do you need easy and accessible
administration of your refueling station?

Contact us for information on how TapNet makes your admin work more efficient and provides better information for decision making.

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