Station management software

TapNet is a powerful, user-friendly system for administration, surveillance and analysis of events in your station network.

Full Control - online

Station management for fleet stations

Manage authorization for refueling or charging with TapNet. You may also follow up on fuel consumption and get notifications when the tank needs a refill. Use TapNet also to monitor the refueling equipment to see it is up and running.

Station management for public stations and networks

TapNet is a cloud-based management system for the forecourt part of your station or station network. Manage both technical and commercial aspects of the operations in the same user-friendly system. TapNet is web-based and comes with a mobile app so that you can access it regardless of your current location.

Analyze and optimize

TapNet Analytics is an add-on module that provides visualized data for quick and intuitive analysis of sales, technical issues. Visualized data helps you make better decisions about deliveries, investments, geographical locations, marketing and opening hours.

TapNet collects all the information that is available from your station network and visualize it, which makes it much easier to identify patterns and interesting correlations.


Do you need easy and accessible administration
of your refueling station?

Contact us for information on how TapNet make your admin work more efficient and provide better information for decision making.

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TapNet for fleet stations

TapNet is a powerful, user-friendly station management system where you can administer, monitor and analyze events and trends at your station. 

TapNet for public stations

Optimize operations, maintenance and administration of your station network using TapNet. You will be in control, online.

Business analytics

Make better decisions faster using visualized statistics from your stations. Read more about TapNet Analytics.