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TapNet Tanka

TapNet Tanka is a mobile app for payment, dedicated for fuel retail and EV charging.

The mobile app that replaces customer cards

Easy, contact-less mobile payment

With TapNet Tanka, your customers no longer have to keep track of customer cards. All they need to pay for fuel or EV charging is their mobile phone. All transaction data is available online, making paper receipts redundant.

TapNet Tanka can be used both for regular fuels and for charging stations.

All the information, right in the app

TapNet Tanka makes it easy for customers to find your nearest stations. Information on all available stations and their opening hours is in the app. The map is integrated with the phone’s regular navigation app. At the station, the user initiates fueling from their phone and confirm with a PIN code at the terminal.

Simplified administration and improved security

As a station owner you will appreciate how TapNet Tanka makes transaction at the dispenser smoother to decrease queuing at peak hours. The app replaces physical card that you no longer need to produce and distribute. Less use of cards also makes skimming to a lesser issue. All the admin needed is done from within TapNet.

Your branding

The graphical user interface of TapNet Tanka is customized so that users perceive it as your own app. We use the same font and color scheme as in your other external communications. The location pin can also be tailored to fit you look and feel.

TapNet Tanka benefits

  • Smooth mobile payment
  • No physical cards to keep track of
  • No paper receipts are needed for accounting
  • Built-in map and navigation feature
  • Works equally well for refueling and for recharging
  • Customized branding
  • No need to produce and distribute physical cards

Do you need easy and accessible
administration of your refueling station?

Contact us for information on how TapNet makes your admin work more efficient and provides better information for decision making.

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