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Forecourt controller

FuelNet Manager communicates with and controls dispensers, chargers, terminals and other forecourt equipment at your stations. It integrates with both local and cloud-based POS systems.

FuelNet Manager also brings old as well as new dispensers, price signs and ATG systems online. You get access to information and control online and in one place.

Integrates and brings your forecourt equipment online

Full control - online

FuelNet Manager provides all the information you need about your stations, without the need for local data collection. You can change prices remotely, read fuel levels or restart a dispenser or terminal to resolve technical issues.

Use existing and new equipment side by side

FuelNet Manager communicates and controls both new and more dated equipment on your forecourt. This way you can keep older, but still fully functional equipment, even if you are modernizing the station. Using FuelNet Manager, most forecourt equipment can be brought online for full online control over the station.

Resolve technical issues quicker

FuelNet Manager will issue an alarm or alert whenever there is an issue with your forecourt equipment. Many issues can be resolved by restarting the equipment remotely. If this is not enough, the controller can diagnose the problem so that the service technician knows what to expect and which spare parts to bring. The goal is to maximize uptime by resolving problems quicker and more accurately.

Brand-independent forecourt controller

FuelNet Manager integrates with almost all forecourt equipment on the market, and communicates with POS systems using brand-independent standard protocols:

  • POS-systems: All systems using standard IFSF FDC protoGilbarco, Tatsuno, MKS Kienzle, Koppens, Nuovo Pignone, Scheidt & Bachmann, Autotank ATCL etc.
  • Chargers: OCPP.
  • Price signs: IFSF, PWM, Wayne Marketer etc.
  • ATG systems: Veeder Root, OPW, H protocol etc.
  • ERP systems: Universal export/import.

Popular, tried and tested controller

FuelNet Managers is already installed at over 1000 stations and is especially popular with those who want to be able to choose any forecourt equipment and POS system, now and in the future.

For flexibility, now and in the future

FuelNet Manager uses open standards so you can choose any forecourt equipment or POS system supplier.

Brochure and product sheet

Download more information about PT Premium:


FuelNet Manager is CE and MID approved. If you have questions about standards and approvals, please contact us by email or phone.

”High-quality forecourt equipment with excellent operational lifetime.”

Fredrik Landegren, CEO of TRB Sverige AB


Do you want modern and flexible control over your stations?

Contact us for information about how easily we can connect both old and new equipment for full control in real-time.

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